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Ragdoll Fall

How far will you make it in Ragdoll Fall? There's tons of thrills in this challenging online game.

You’ll get to launch a ragdoll out of a cannon, but the excitement will really begin as he falls toward the ground. Can you keep him moving in this ragdoll game? You’ll need to bounce him off a series of hills while you avoid spinning saw blades, bottomless gaps, and more!

How to Play Ragdoll Fall?

Ragdoll Fall is an intense skill game. Try to get the ragdoll as far as you can while it bounces across a landscape full of hazards. You’ll get to decide when it falls while you try to aim for the hills and avoid various dangers.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to launch a ragdoll or make it fall. 

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Who Developed Ragdoll Fall?

Ragdoll Fall was created by QkyGames.