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Melodic Tiles

Rhythm game? Tile game? Melodic Tiles is both at the same time! Take to the stage and play this rhythm game with musical tiles. Gain the audience’s approval and earn as many points as you can.

How to play Melodic Tiles

Clear the playing field of each level in this music game to move on to the next. You can remove tiles by clicking groups featuring the same color and instrument. Any remaining blocks collapse with each move, so plan ahead to make sure you can still group enough tiles together. If you’re stuck, you can shuffle the tiles or use bombs to blow up singles. Any bombs left at the end of the level are added to your point total, so make them count!

Melodic Tiles has two different play modes: Rehearsal and Concert. In Rehearsal Mode, there is no time limit to finish the level. You can solve the puzzle at your own pace and try out different strategies. Concert Mode turns the difficulty (and the proverbial volume!) up a notch and gives you the real rhythm gameplay. Blast the blocks away as quickly as you can and earn a standing ovation!

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Who created Melodic Tiles?

This block blaster game was developed by Agame.

When was this game released?

Melodic Tiles was released in October of 2023.