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Friday Night Funkin': Hugie Wugie

Get ready for a spooktacular party in Friday Night Funkin’: Hugie Wugie. Can you keep up with the monstrous beats in this rhythm game?

Hugie Wugie and one of his freaky friends have invaded the DJ booth in this latest installment of the hit music series. Fortunately, they're much more interested in dancing and breaking out some funky beats than sinking their teeth into a few tasty humans. Well, at least they are for now!

How to Play Friday Night Funkin’: Hugie Wugie? 

Try to finish each song by pressing the arrow keys as they reach the markers on the screen. Will you make it through every level of this fast-paced arcade game?

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE ARROW KEYS while you play along to each song.

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Who Developed Super Friday Night Funkin': Hugie Wugie?

Super Friday Night Funkin': Hugie Wugie was designed by Kiz10.