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Friday Night Funkin': Big Brother

Feel the groove once again in Friday Night Funkin’: Big Brother. Can you keep up with the rhythm in this Friday Night Funkin’ game?

A few cast members from Big Brother are hosting a very cool competition, but how long will you be able to avoid getting booted out of it? To stay in this challenging music game, you’ll have to press the arrow keys at exactly the right time as each song plays. Can you make it all the way to the final level?

How to Play Friday Night Funkin’: Big Brother?

Just like in other installments of the popular and fast-paced skill game series, you need to press the arrow keys as they match up with the markers at the top of the screen. Can you get to the finale of each song, though? You’ll have to move fast!

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE ARROW KEYS while you attempt to keep up with each song.

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Who Developed Friday Night Funkin': Big Brother?

Friday Night Funkin': Big Brother was created by Kiz10.