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Maya is a challenging marble line game with mysterious glyphs and other design elements inspired by the art and architecture of the ancient Maya civilization. Can you pop the rolling marbles before they reach the end of the track?

How to play Maya?

Your aim is to blast away all of the marbles by creating combinations of three or more of the same color. Don’t let them reach the tunnel at the end of the marble track or you’ll lose the game.

You can add marbles to the line using the marble cannon. Slide the cannon along the bar at the top of the screen, and fire the colored marbles at the line to group the matching ones together. You’ll start with four colors, but more will appear as you progress through the levels of this game.

Game Controls

  • Move the cursor to drag the cannon left and right
  • Tap to release the marble in the cannon

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Who created Maya?

Maya was created by Agame.

When was Maya first released?

This game was released on July 13, 2023.