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Garden Bloom

Garden Bloom is a magical tile-matching game with pseudo-3D special effects. 

Lucy and Robert want to win the flower show. Lucy's grandfather was a talented gardener who always wowed the judges with extraordinary plants of otherworldly beauty. But when Lucy discovers an old photo album, she realizes that her grandfather had a supernatural secret: a magic portal that really does lead to another world!

How to play Garden Bloom?

Renovate Lucy’s grandfather’s garden by playing the match-3 puzzles. Collect colorful blossoms, and summon helpful bees and ladybugs by lining up three or more icons of the same color.

You can move the icons across the board by making two adjacent items swap places. However, each move must result directly in a valid match-3 combination.

You only have a limited number of moves to finish each level. You can use the stars you've earned by completing the tile-matching puzzles to unlock new plants and ornaments for the yard and repair the damaged flower beds and garden path.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to drag and swap the icons.

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Who created Garden Bloom?

Garden Bloom was created by Famobi. 

When was Garden Bloom first released?

This game was first released on August 21, 2023.