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KrisMas Mahjong 2

Celebrate the Christmas holiday with KrisMas Mahjong 2, a seasonal connect 2 game featuring festive icons and a cheerful advent calendar that unlocks a new connect puzzle every day.

How to play KrisMas Mahjong 2?

In this classic connect game, you must combine two matching icons to clear them from the board. The objective is to keep playing until you’ve removed all of the tiles.

To combine two tiles, find a matching pair and see if you can connect them with a line that takes no more than two 90-degree turns. The line must find a path around the other tiles, and cannot run through them.

Look for playable tiles around the sides of the board, or see if you can spot two identical tiles that are directly next to one another. Tap one tile, and then the other to see if you can match them up.

KrisMas Mahjong 2 - Game Modes

There are two game modes:

  • Classic Mode - The regular connect 2 grid with increasingly difficult levels and a shorter timer as you progress through the game.
  • Relax Mode - An easier version with more repeating tiles and a larger grid. Levels are unlocked each day of December on the Advent Calendar.

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Who created KrisMas Mahjong 2?

KrisMas Mahjong 2 was created by Azerion Casual Games.

When was KrisMas Mahjong 2 first released?

This game was first released on November 22, 2023.