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Color Bump Dancer

Color Bump Dancer is a fast-paced reaction game in which you have to dodge the colored obstacles. You can only touch the items that match the color of your block.

How to play Color Bump Dancer?

Travel down the lane while surfing on a colorful block. You can pass through items that match the color of your block, but must dodge all of the other items that don’t match. 

As you play, you’ll have to pass through color gates that will change the color of your block. Try to look ahead and adapt quickly. There’s always a path through the obstacles, you just have to find it quickly enough.

You can unlock several upgrades, including shields that will protect you from one collision. Can you keep up with the pace of this cheerful game?

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Who created Color Bump Dancer?

Color Bump Dancer was created by YAD. 

When was Color Bump Dancer first released?

This game was first released on March 28, 2024.