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Ball Rush

Ball Rush is a 3D endless runner game. Roll the ball along a long track and dodge left and right to avoid the obstacles. Pick up diamonds and unlock new tracks and spheres.

How to play Ball Rush?

Press the play button to make the sphere start rolling in this ball game. There are cones placed on the right and left side of the road. Switch lanes on time to dodge them. Pick up the white diamonds to save up for new spheres.

Fill the progress bar in the top left corner of the screen by scoring points during your runs. Each cone you pass adds one point to your score. You can also win additional points by completing missions. Each mission is shown at the bottom of the starting screen. There are 76 missions in total. When you complete the current mission, the next one will appear.

Rank up and check the statistics tab to keep track of your progress.

Game Controls

Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to switch lanes.

Similar Games

This game was inspired by Slope. If you enjoyed this game, be sure to try Ubisoft’s high-speed adventure Balls Race as well, or try another endless runner game, like Bus & Subway Runner 3D.

Who created Ball Rush?

Ball Rush was created by 2Play.