Cute Games

  • From Geeky to Popular
    From Geeky to Popular
    Played 935685 times

    Help this geeky girl pick out the boy that’s just right for her.

  • Cute Pet Hospital
    Cute Pet Hospital
    Played 88975 times

    Nobody likes to see their precious pets in pain!

  • Pretty Cure 1
    Pretty Cure 1
    Played 68512 times

    The legendary warriors are about to save the planet from monsters, but they need to fix their outfits first.

  • Princesses: Cozy and Cute
    Princesses: Cozy and Cute
    Played 68199 times

    Winter is here and, along with plenty of hot cocoa, these princesses are celebrating the season with a few cozy and cute outfits. Could you let them know what you think they should wear today in this online dress up game for girls?

  • Cute Unicorn Care
    Cute Unicorn Care
    Played 67596 times

    All three of these adorable baby unicorns got a little hurt during their most recent magical adventure. Can you help them feel better in this online caring game? You can give each of them a quick check-up, treat their injuries, and more!

  • Cute Salon
    Cute Salon
    Played 64512 times
  • Pretty Cure 2
    Pretty Cure 2
    Played 61482 times

    A warrior’s work is never done. What outfits should the Pretty Cure girls wear during their next adventure?

  • Cute Jungle Hospital
    Cute Jungle Hospital
    Played 59569 times

    The patients in this hospital are fuzzy and wuzzy and they need your tender loving care.

  • Cute Moe 2
    Cute Moe 2
    Played 54576 times

    An enchanted jewel is about to take all three of these girls on an adventure through a magical kingdom. Can you help them create some awesome outfits along the way in this 3D dress up game for girls?

  • Woobies
    Played 52152 times

    These adorable little fur balls are trapped! Use your aim and skill to free them, and be the Woobies' hero!

  • Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure
    Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure
    Played 46112 times

    Curiosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure!

  • Cute Puppy Daycare
    Cute Puppy Daycare
    Played 44512 times

    Pamper a precious puppy from the pound!

  • Cute Kitty Care
    Cute Kitty Care
    Played 44148 times

    Which one of these three totally adorable kitties would like to take care of first? Each one needs a bath, some grooming, and a quick check-up. Once you’re done, you can choose some really cute outfits for them to wear in this online game.

  • Cute Fishtail Braids
    Cute Fishtail Braids
    Played 41791 times

    Having a fishtail braid has never been this much fun to design and create! This fun game for girls, Cute Fishtail Braids, will have you playing for hours!

  • Cute Cake Baker
    Cute Cake Baker
    Played 37433 times

    Step into this virtual kitchen to bake a few cakes that are incredibly cute. All of the supplies you’ll need are waiting for you in this baking game. Just follow each one of the steps and you’ll end up with a cake that’s adorable and tasty, too!

  • Cute Baby Nursery
    Cute Baby Nursery
    Played 36994 times

    If only babies were always this clear about what they wanted...

  • Sue's Clothing Maker
    Sue's Clothing Maker
    Played 34398 times

    Can you sew these cute clothes together correctly for Sue?

  • Pet Hospital Doctor
    Pet Hospital Doctor
    Played 33722 times

    Missy, Ada and Grace are all cute pets that could use some check-ups. Can you have a look?

  • Cute Animal Quiz
    Cute Animal Quiz
    Played 31214 times

    Which adorable little animal are you?

  • Pet Creator
    Pet Creator
    Played 28711 times

    Loyal as a dog, clean as a cat, and as cute as a squirrel—create your perfect pet!

  • Cute Room Decoration
    Cute Room Decoration
    Played 26972 times

    This rooms looks bare! Time to make it super-cute with your awesome decorating skills.

  • Cute Bunny
    Cute Bunny
    Played 25510 times

    Ever wanted to dress up your very own bunny? Have a happy hopping makeover!

  • Cute Moe 3D Dress Up
    Cute Moe 3D Dress Up
    Played 22195 times

    This cute girl is searching for some new outfits. Help her design them in this 3D makeover game. You can choose new contact lenses for her, accessories and even a backpack or two.

  • Cuti's Diner Game
    Cuti's Diner Game
    Played 21343 times

    Cutis lose their cute when upset, so your service better be perfect!

  • Hamster Adoption
    Hamster Adoption
    Played 18469 times

    Produce the perfect pad for your very own cuddly cutie!

  • Baby Bathing Time to Sleep
    Baby Bathing Time to Sleep
    Played 17081 times

    Rub-a dub-dub get that baby in the tub!

  • Princesses: Cuteness Overload
    Princesses: Cuteness Overload
    Played 16750 times

    It’s time for these two princesses to each have a makeover. They’re not just working on their own personal styles, though. They also want to redecorate their castle in this online design and dress-up game for girls. Can you help them choose lots of super cute furniture and decor before they get to work on their outfits?

  • Cute Fairies Dress Up
    Cute Fairies Dress Up
    Played 16229 times

    These pretty pixies are in search of some sparkly new outfits. But what should they wear?

  • Pet Sledding
    Pet Sledding
    Played 16161 times

    It's a slippery slope for these cute little pets: the more they sled, the more Christmas presents they get!

  • Manga Girl Make Up
    Manga Girl Make Up
    Played 15466 times

    It's a manga girl's business to look cute!

  • Doggy Daycare
    Doggy Daycare
    Played 15461 times

    This poor little puppy has had it rough, so you'd better give him all your love!

  • Doll Accessories Dress Up
    Doll Accessories Dress Up
    Played 12341 times

    Choose clothes and accessories for this cute little doll!

  • Poll: Cute Animals
    Poll: Cute Animals
    Played 12251 times
  • Under the Lights
    Under the Lights
    Played 11969 times

    These two girls want to look fresh and fabulous while they’re on stage. Help them pick the perfect outfits.

  • Chibi Emo Dress Up
    Chibi Emo Dress Up
    Played 11857 times

    If it’s both cute and feisty, it must be a Chibi!

  • Cutest Cat Contest
    Cutest Cat Contest
    Played 11691 times

    These adorable felines will need a lot of primping and pampering if they’re gonna win the top prize...