Accessories Dress Up Games

  • My Totoro Room
    My Totoro Room
    Played 5956 times

    Design a super-cute bedroom devoted to Totoro, the adorable anime classic.

  • Mobile Phone Decoration
    Mobile Phone Decoration
    Played 5281 times

    Your cell phone should meet your everyday needs—and fashion designs!

  • Gaming Girl Dress Up
    Gaming Girl Dress Up
    Played 1382 times

    Nadine will be gaming at her friend Monica's house this afternoon. Which outfit is a winner?

  • Science Fiction Geek Dress Up Game
    Science Fiction Geek Dress Up Game
    Played 9714 times

    This girl loves geek culture and she wants to dress up just like a character in a science fiction movie. Help her design an awesome jumpsuit in this online game.

  • Style Kaya's Phone
    Style Kaya's Phone
    Played 8192 times

    Your cell phone says a lot about you!

  • Style Kaya's Laptop
    Style Kaya's Laptop
    Played 6939 times

    Liven up Kaya's laptop with your super style.

  • Miss Tattoo
    Miss Tattoo
    Played 5957 times

    With so many tattoo choices, who cares if beauty is only skin deep?

  • My Cute Backpack
    My Cute Backpack
    Played 1307 times

    This backpack could really use some flair. Can you make it look totally cool?

  • Lovely Sofa Decoration
    Lovely Sofa Decoration
    Played 1820 times

    Love making your room look super cute? Then we’ve got a living room with your name all over it.

  • Paint My Shoes
    Paint My Shoes
    Played 11463 times

    Get ready to design some totally rad footwear.

  • High Tea Party
    High Tea Party
    Played 1132 times

    The sun is shining and the birds are singing. What a perfect day for a tea party...

  • Decorate My Candybox
    Decorate My Candybox
    Played 4234 times

    Design a cool container for some spectacular sweets.

  • My Cutesy Donut
    My Cutesy Donut
    Played 1830 times

    These delicious breakfast treats need to be decorated. Put your baking skills to the test!

  • Decorate Your Shoes
    Decorate Your Shoes
    Played 1353 times

    Every diva deserves a pair of designer shoes!

  • Style Kaya's Tablet
    Style Kaya's Tablet
    Played 3643 times

    Our tech-savvy trendsetter has a new tablet—match it to her style!

  • Heart Chocolate Box
    Heart Chocolate Box
    Played 3760 times

    Surprise your crush this Valentine’s Day with a specially designed box of treats!

  • Decorate My Phone
    Decorate My Phone
    Played 1409 times

    With a phone, you won't mind being put on hold.

  • Tattoo Style Shop
    Tattoo Style Shop
    Played 2476 times

    It's not just ink—it's art.

  • Cute Alarm Clock Decoration
    Cute Alarm Clock Decoration
    Played 26 times

    Create a totally adorable clock that will make waking up every morning super fun.

  • Doodle Your Mathbook
    Doodle Your Mathbook
    Played 2809 times

    Are you feeling as smart as a mathlete today? Get ready to crunch some numbers!

  • Dove Carnival Dolly Dress Up
    Dove Carnival Dolly Dress Up
    Played 512 times

    Dove is getting ready for Carnival but she has no idea what sort of costume she should wear. Could you help her create one in this game for girls? Join her while she goes looking for some cool items in this stack of gift boxes.

  • Glitter Dress Up
    Glitter Dress Up
    Played 270 times

    Dress up this nice long-haired girl!

  • Lovely Food Family
    Lovely Food Family
    Played 560 times

    Can you help these tasty treats put the “happy” in “Happy Meal”?

  • Make Up Table Decoration
    Make Up Table Decoration
    Played 237 times

    They say vanity begins at home…right?

  • Seahorse Dress Up
    Seahorse Dress Up
    Played 238 times

    Saddle up under the sea with a stylish seahorse.

  • Winter Boots Decoration
    Winter Boots Decoration
    Played 25 times

    Get ready to design some fantastically fashionable footwear for the cool winter months ahead.

  • Charm Girl Dress Up
    Charm Girl Dress Up
    Played 32 times

    Cassie is getting ready to go clubbing. What will tonight's look be??

  • Christmas Present Decoration
    Christmas Present Decoration
    Played 154 times

    This living room really needs a little Christmas, right now. Have you got time to decorate it?

  • Decorate My Computer
    Decorate My Computer
    Played 52 times

    It's time to make your Personal Computer even more personal!

  • Tattoo Girl Dress Up
    Tattoo Girl Dress Up
    Played 217 times

    Need to think before you ink? Try some tattoos that aren't permanent!

  • Scarfs and Hats Dress Up
    Scarfs and Hats Dress Up
    Played 33 times

    Dress her up and don't forget about a warm scarf and a cap!

  • Christmas Cupcakes
    Christmas Cupcakes
    Played 257 times

    The table is set with frosted Christmas treats too sweet not to eat!

  • Boost Up Your Car With Harry
    Boost Up Your Car With Harry
    Played 483 times

    Each of these cars could really use an automotive makeover. Join Harry while he gets to work on them...

  • Decorate Your Coffeemug
    Decorate Your Coffeemug
    Played 30 times

    Sip some relief from rough mornings with a cup of joe—in a personalized mug!

  • Summer Tattoo
    Summer Tattoo
    Played 736 times

    Sass up this sweetie's sun-kissed style with a little ink...

  • My Sweet Roommate
    My Sweet Roommate
    Played 1038 times

    Your perfect new roommate is just a personality test away, with extra interior-decorating fun to boot!