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Wood Block Puzzle 2

Find spots for all the pieces in Wood Block Puzzle 2. Will you achieve the goals waiting for you in each level of this challenging online game?

See how many of the wooden pieces you can fit onto the board in this puzzle game. When portions of them form a full row, they’ll disappear just like in Tetris. Can you complete every level before you run out of space?

How to Play Wood Block Puzzle 2?

Wood Block Puzzle 2 is an online puzzle game that's similar to Tetris. You'll need to find a spot on the board for each one of the irregularly-shaped pieces. Portions of them will be removed once they form a full row. There's also a goal you’ll need to achieve in each level.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK, HOLD, AND MOVE THE MOUSE to place a piece on the board.

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Who Developed Wood Block Puzzle 2?

Wood Block Puzzle 2 was created by Softgames.