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Toilet Paper: The Game

The people need their TP! Can you liberate and distribute tons of it to the yearning masses in Toilet Paper: The Game?

Get ready to LOL while you help promote good hygiene. There’s tons of toilet rolls that are currently stuck in shopping carts, trees, cargo trucks, and totally crazy stuff like giant peppers! Twist and turn them as fast as you can in each challenging level. There’s lots of folks out there who are getting pretty desperate. Both them and their butts are depending on you in this totally hilarious physics game!

How to Play Toilet Paper: The Game?

Toilet Paper: The Game is a humorous online game. Spin various containers and objects until all of the toilet paper within them is emptied.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to rotate the objects.

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Who Developed Toilet Paper: The Game?

Toilet Paper: The Game was created by Quicksave.