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No games found. 2: Chaos Giant

Another series of battles are already underway in 2: Chaos Giant! Challenge other gamers from all around the world in this multiplayer game!

Team up with one of the world's greatest superheroes for another battle royale or two in this sequel to the epic .io game. How many other heroes or villains will you eliminate before one of them knocks your own character out of the competition? There's lots of power pellets and coins to collect that will help you gradually become bigger and stronger!

How to Play 2: Chaos Giant?

Fight other players from all around the world in this battle game. You’ll need to gather various items and boosters that will help you survive for as long as possible. Trade in the coins you collect between battles for new and better abilities.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to move around the battle arena.
  • LEFT CLICK to attack an opponent.

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Who Developed 2: Chaos Giant? 2: Chaos Giant was created by Lora Studio.