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Spider Swing Manhattan

Join a high-flying web slinger in Spider Swing Manhattan. How far will you make it across New York City in this superhero game?

This fearless superhero can do everything a spider can. Well, pretty much everything! Tag along with him as he explores Manhattan in this physics-based action game. He’ll need to carefully time each one of the webs he shoots to make sure he can keep swinging.

There’s also tons of drones, air conditioners, and other annoying obstacles up there that are bound to get in his way. How long can you keep him from getting hurt while he continues his adventure and swings from skyscraper to skyscraper?

How to Play Spider Swing Manhattan?

Blast over the streets of the Big Apple in this skill game. Speed and momentum will be your most useful tools as you sling webs and aim for a series of posts attached to a row of skyscrapers. Avoid various hazards and keep moving for as long as you can.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to sling a web.

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Who Developed Spider Swing Manhattan?

Spider Swing Manhattan was created by MarketJS.