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Sausage Dog

Team up with a daring and delightful dachshund in Sausage Dog! He's going on a journey full of lots of fun and plenty of food in this adventure game.

Sausage Dog loves to eat super yummy food and sausages are his favorite meal! He also really likes ice cream cones. He'll be exploring a forest full of food. Plenty of his very hungry friends will be hanging around, too. Help him track down plenty of snacks for all of them while he makes his way back home in this adorable action game.

How to Play Sausage Dog?

Sausage Dog is one crafty canine! Help him gather food for both himself and his pals while he travels back to his dog house in this platform game. He'll also have to watch out for a few grumpy alligators along the way.

Game Controls 

  • PRESS THE ARROWS to move.

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Who Developed Sausage Dog?

Sausage Dog was created by Functu.