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Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic

Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic is a strategy game with single-player and multiplayer elements. Choose your heroes and form a team to fight the evil army of the Dark Lord. Embark on weekly side-quests and seasonal special missions to unlock extra coins, gems, and other treasures.

How to play Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic?

In this fantasy game, the King needs your help. The Dark Lord’s army is approaching the kingdom, the forest surrounding the castle is crawling with rogues, and the realm is lacking a band of heroes.

Assemble your own team by embarking on raids, fighting the king’s enemies, and collecting character cards. Marge your cards to unlock new characters, which you can upgrade and power up by unlocking new artifacts. You can collect Common heroes, Rare characters, and Epic fighters to assemble a team of legendary warriors.

Collect idle rewards and resources by building marketplaces, taverns, and mines, and enter the arena to fight other players’ teams and win additional treasures.

There are lots of game elements to unlock, and every once in a while, additional side quests and dungeon exploration missions will appear alongside the main raid. Each chapter of the main raid consists of 10 levels, and new enemies will be introduced as you play, requiring new tactics to fend off their special skills.

Why reset your quest in Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic?

You can reset each raid and return to level one by tapping the New Raid button (top right corner of the Raid tab). Why would you want to do this? Well, for one thing, the King will reward you for doing so by awarding your team stars. The further you got, the more stars the King will give you.

Note that your regular power-ups (those bought with coins) will return to their original settings when you reset your raid. You will also use the coins you’ve saved up. However, any artifacts you’ve boosted will remain powered up, meaning that your team starts out stronger each time you begin a new raid.

Game Controls

  • Use the MOUSE to play
  • Select RAID and tap on the first enemy to start a new BATTLE
  • To position your heroes in the field, CLICK and DRAG them to a new slot
  • To upgrade your heroes, CLICK on the HEROES tab and selective hero you want to upgrade
  • SCROLL to view their full profile

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Who created Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic?

Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic was created by Persona-Games.