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Puppy Sling

Keep going for as long as you can in Puppy Sling. The courageous canine in this cute online game loves to soar!

Join him while he flings himself through a gigantic living room. He'll be able to grip onto the pegs, but his journey will be a dangerous one, especially once he gains some serious altitude! A single mistake will cause him to crash in this skill game. There's also lots of lasers that will force him to keep moving and not linger anywhere for too long.

How to Play Puppy Sling?

Tag along with a high-flying hound in this adorable and challenging animal game. He'll need to move from peg to peg while he tries to get as far as possible. Watch out for the red ones, though. They're a bit unstable.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK, DRAG, AND HOLD to determine the power of each fling.
  • RELEASE THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fling the puppy.

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Who Developed Puppy Sling?

Puppy Sling was created by MarketJS.