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Only Up Parkour 2

Only Up Parkour 2 is a skill-based parkour game in which you can climb to dizzying heights of up to 500M. Enjoy this action-packed parkour jump simulator with smooth controls and visually attractive 3D graphics in a cartoony style.

How to play Only Up Parkour 2?

Climb to the top of this enormous aerial maze and don’t lose your balance. Run across the platforms, tiptoe along narrow beams, and use the springy beds to bounce across large gaps.

Encounter new obstacles and elements as you progress through the levels. You’ll have to be accurate and dexterous to clamber over all of them.

There is more than one way to the top. Can you find the best route to ascend to the highest point of this 3D labyrinth?

Game Controls

  • Arrow keys = Run
  • Spacebar = Jump
  • Mouse = Look around, choose direction of movement

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Who created Only Up Parkour 2?

Only Up Parkour 2 was created by Nishad Games.

When was Only Up Parkour 2 first released?

This game was first released on January 24, 2024.