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Impostor: Zombrush

This poor astronaut has found himself in quite the interstellar pickle! Can you help him out in Impostor: Zombrush?

He's trapped in the middle of a gigantic maze full of zombies! They’re determined to eat him, his brains, and his space suit! Your mission: to help him stay away from them for as long as possible in this thrilling installment of the Impostor series.

Join him while he leaps over gaps, makes lots of tight turns, and tries to avoid falling to his doom! That would be even worse than getting consumed alive by a bunch of undead monsters!

How to Play Impostor: Zombrush?

Team up with a courageous astronaut while he tries to escape from a group of zombies in this action game. There’s also coins to collect that you can use to buy different outfits!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to make a turn on the squares with arrows on them.
  • LEFT CLICK on the other squares to jump.

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Who Developed Impostor: Zombrush?

Impostor: Zombrush was created by