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Noob vs Pro Stick War

This game in the Noob vs Pro franchise combines idle mining with strategy. Take control of your very own Noob army as you gather resources and topple the enemy bases one by one. Each has its very own warriors, however, so keep an eye out for their dangerous attacks!

How to play Noob vs Pro Stick War

Defeat the enemy before they defeat you - seems easier than it is, as you’ll need to keep several things in mind while playing this Minecraft-inspired pixel game.

Summon fighters and miners using the buttons in the top-left corner. To do so, you will need to gather enough resources: crystals. You can mine these crystals with your miners. However, the miners are very vulnerable to attacks as they cannot defend themselves.

Use the three buttons in the top-right corner to let the miners take shelter, freely move around, or to let your army attack. Lead your troops wisely!

Use the touchscreen or mouse to click the buttons. Tap and swipe or click and drag the screen to see the enemy’s base.

Who created Noob vs Pro Stick War?

This pixel battler was developed by Stickman vs Monster School Team.

When was Noob vs Pro Stick War released?

This online war game was released in January of 2023.