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Noob vs. Pro 2: Jailbreak

See if you can escape in Noob vs. Pro 2: Jailbreak! Will you find a way to break out of a maximum security jail in this funny online game?

Team up with a prisoner who spends most of his free time having panic attacks in this retro action game. Fortunately, he just discovered a way to sneak out of his cell. Unfortunately, it involves digging a tunnel into an abandoned mine full of zombies! Can you help him stay calm while he tries to reach freedom in a modified minecart?

How to Play Noob vs. Pro 2: Jailbreak?

Try to break out of a  jail through an old mine located beneath it in this totally crazy platform game. You'll be using a minecart as your escape vehicle and you’ll probably need to make several trips. Be sure to upgrade it with an engine and a weapon or two. You'll be able to purchase these items in between each one of your escape attempts.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to purchase upgrades, accelerate while operating the minecart, and more.

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Who Developed Noob vs. Pro 2: Jailbreak?

Noob vs. Pro 2: Jailbreak was created by the Noob vs. Pro Team.