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Ninja Boy: Ultimate Edition

Another adventure is about to begin in Ninja Boy: Ultimate Edition. There’s a young warrior who could really use your help in this online action game.

He's still inexperienced and a bit awkward, but there's no denying that he's incredibly brave. Join him on a mission to get rid of all the annoying monsters who have been causing tons of trouble near his village in this online ninja game. Will you be able to eliminate all of them before you start cracking open treasure chests in each level?

How to Play Ninja Boy: Ultimate Edition?

Ninja Boy: Ultimate Edition is a thrilling adventure game. Team up with Ninja Boy while he fights a legion of monsters scattered across his kingdom.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK, HOLD, DRAG THE MOUSE, AND RELEASE to make Ninja Boy jump or attack.

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Who Developed Ninja Boy: Ultimate Edition?

Ninja Boy: Ultimate Edition was created by Wanted 5 Games B.V.