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Horseback Survival

Horseback Survival is a skill and adventure game. After falling from his horse, Zohan awakes from a years-long coma to discover that his village has been ravaged by zombies. 

Reunited with his horse Badal, Zohan sets out on a journey across the country to search for survivors and discover the cause of the zombie apocalypse. 

How to play Horseback Survival?

Your aim is to make it to the end of each level without alerting the zombies to your presence. Use the ARROW KEYS to walk, and press the LEFT SHIFT key at the same time to run. 

When you encounter a zombie, you will see a red circle around it. Zombies cannot detect you when you walk, so make sure Badal slows down when you enter the circle.

Watch out for traps and obstacles on the road. The obstacles with red tips are especially dangerous. Jump over them by pressing the SPACEBAR while running.

Press E to interact with objects. Once you have found a weapon, you can use it to attack by pressing Q.

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Who created Horseback Survival?

Horseback Survival was created by Cubehole. 

When was Horseback Survival first released?

This game was first released on June 17, 2024.