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Nine Blocks

Nine Blocks is a 10x10 game. Place the blocks onto the board and try to clear away rows, columns, or fill the highlighted blocks of 3 by 3. Make sure you don’t run out of space.

How to play Nine Blocks?

In this colored blocks game, you will receive three random shapes per round. Your aim is to place them on the board. Once you’ve found a spot for all three, a new set of three will appear.

Create full rows and columns. This will clear away the blocks, leaving more space for new blocks. If there’s one or more blocks left over that you can’t place, you’ll lose the game.

Other than in most 10x10 puzzle games, there is a third way to clear blocks in this title. If you fill one of the highlighted or dark sections of 3x3 slots, these blocks will also vanish.

Keep playing without running out of space for as long as you can!

Game Controls


  • Left click on a block and drag it to the board
  • Release to drop the block


  • Tap, hold, and swipe to move a block to the board
  • Release to drop the block

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Who developed Nine Blocks?

Nine Blocks was developed by Casual Azur Games.