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Night Offroad Cargo

Night Offroad Cargo is a well-made 3D driving game in which you have to deliver cargo at night in a mountainous and poorly lit rural environment. Can you reach your delivery point without dropping any of the flammable and toxic barrels in your truck?

How to play Night Offroad Cargo?

Drive your truck along the dirt road to deliver your cargo. These rural routes are steep, bumpy, and mostly lit by fireflies, so drive carefully and try to stick to the path. You’re carrying several dangerous materials in your flatbed truck, so make sure the barrels and crates don’t go flying over the sidewall.

Watch out for obstacles on the road. Striped concrete barriers on your path don’t mean you have to turn the other way. See if you have the space to drive around them. The delivery point is marked by a large black-and-white checked box. Drive into this box to complete each level.

Game Controls

Use the arrow keys to drive the truck.

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Who created Night Offroad Cargo?

Night Offroad Cargo was created by Vitality Games.

When was Night Offroad Cargo first released?

This game was first released on December 12, 2023.