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Highway Bus Rush

Highway Bus Rush is a driving simulator in which you can race down the motorway and weave through traffic with your tour bus. How many near-misses can you survive before you cause a fatal crash?

How to play Highway Bus Rush?

Stay on the road and avoid colliding with any other vehicles. Drive as far as you can to collect money, which you can use to buy new buses.

This bus driving simulation game has three modes:

  • Career Mode is divided into 50 levels. Complete each one to finish this challenge.
  • Infinite Mode allows you to drive for as long as you can prevent a crash. Select different weather conditions and one- or two-way roads.
  • Free Mode is similar to Infinite Mode, but lets you continue driving even after your crash.

How long can you weave through traffic with your bus before there’s a terrible accident?

Game Controls

Use the arrow keys to switch lanes and/or speed up.

Who created Highway Bus Rush?

Highway Bus Rush was created by Instant Game Studio.

When was Highway Bus Rush first released?

This game was first released on January 15, 2024.