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Maze and Tourist

Explore the many countries of Africa in Maze and Tourist! Will you be able to find all the exits in this online maze game?

You’ll be starting off in Egypt in this puzzle game. Help the tourist get through the mazes that are waiting for him there and in the other countries he’ll be visiting while he tries to reach their most famous tourist attractions. You'll get to learn some interesting facts about each locale during his epic trek around the continent.

How to Play Maze and Tourist?

Maze and Tourist is a fun and educational adventure game. Tag along with a tourist while he tries to make it through a maze in each one of the countries he'll be visiting during a journey that will take him all across Africa.

Game Controls

  • USE THE ARROWS to guide the tourist through each maze.

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Who Developed Maze and Tourist?

Maze and Tourist was created by Digi Smile Limited.