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Match Shapes

How long will you be able to mash everything together in Match Shapes? Link and combine the shapes in this challenging match 3 game.

You’ll need to move the shapes onto the board during each move you make in this puzzle game. Will you have enough room to fit everything in? When three identical shapes are beside one another, they’ll merge together and become a single new one with a different design. Find out how long you can keep playing while you try to achieve various goals and get through each level.

How to Play Match Shapes?

Match Shapes is an intriguing skill game. Move the shapes onto the board and try to match them up based on their designs. When three identical shapes are next to one another, they'll merge into a single shape with a different design. This will also open up additional space on the board.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to rotate the shapes.
  • USE THE MOUSE to move them onto the board.

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Who Developed Match Shapes?

Match Shapes was created by 2Play.