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Icy Purple Head 3

Another series of tricky challenges are waiting for you in Icy Purple Head 3. Can you help this creature reach his next destination in this puzzle game?

Icy Purple Head loves to travel, but he's on a tight budget. That's why he'll be mailing himself to various places in this fun and challenging skill game. Help him use his amazing powers to slide into the shipping boxes in each level.

How to Play Icy Purple Head 3?

Icy Purple Head 3 is a physics-based puzzle game. Help Icy Purple Head get into a series of shipping boxes in each level by using his ability to freeze himself. He'll need to avoid grumpy birds and use various tools and items.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to make Icy Purple Head freeze and start sliding.

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Who Developed Icy Purple Head 3?

Icy Purple Head 3 was created by Miniduck.