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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a funny skill game in which you can choose whether you want to hide from your opponents or try to catch them. Sprint through the maze in pursuit of the other players, or try to stay undetected.

How to play Hide and Seek?

In each level of this stickman game, a group of participants is dropped in a small maze-like arena. Tap the button to determine whether you will hide or seek.

How to Hide
If you choose to hide, run away from the seeker and try to remain out of sight. You will turn invisible to the seeker, but there are various ways you can give away your position. For instance, while the seeker can’t see you, they can see doors swing open and shut when you pass through them. If you jump into the water, they can see the splash. If you run through the spilled paint, you’ll trail footsteps behind for some distance, making you easy to trace. Remain unseen until the time runs out to survive the level.

How to Seek
If you choose to seek, all the other players will become invisible. Your job is to find and catch them. Look out for telltale signs of activity, such as swinging doors, vanishing coins, or mysterious footsteps. Any player caught in your range of vision will turn visible and a cage will drop onto them to mark them as caught. You’ll need to catch at least four other participants to pass the level.

Setting Caught Participants Free
Seekers, watch out! Other players can set free the players you’ve caught by running toward them and touching them. As a hider, you will receive coins for freeing other players, and it gives the seeker more people to chase while you slip away again.

Game Controls

  • Use the ARROW KEYS to run, or
  • LEFT CLICK and drag with the MOUSE

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Who developed Hide and Seek?

This game was developed by Stickman vs Monster School Team.