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Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser

Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser is a fun detective game in which you can test your skills as an investigator. Search a huge collection of scenes for objects hidden in plain sight.

How to play Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser?

In each level of this hidden objects game, you will see a panel with five items and a scene. The scene is often cluttered and messy. Somewhere between the tangle of stuff are the five items you need to find. Can you spot them and tap on them before the time is up?

You can explore all kinds of environments, from the police station and mysterious mansions to ordinary-looking houses and holiday scenes. Look around and keep your eyes peeled for the shapes and colors of the objects you’re trying to detect.

If there’s an object you really can’t find, you have up to 3 hints available to help you complete this hidden objects puzzle.

Game Controls

Tap on an object to collect it. The object will then be removed from the scene.

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Who created Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser?

Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser was created by Casual Azur Games.