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Hidden Lands

Uncover mysteries both ancient and modern in Hidden Lands. What will you discover?

Search for the differences in the landscapes within each region of this enchanting hidden objects game. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a variety of treasures and other valuable items. How much will you learn about the histories of the Land of Emperors and a few other long lost kingdoms?

How to Play Hidden Lands?

Spot the differences in the seemingly identical landscapes as you play this puzzle game. Can you find them all?

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK, HOLD, AND DRAG to move a landscape.
  • LEFT CLICK on any objects that don’t match.

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Can I Play Hidden Lands on Mobile?

Absolutely. You can download the game from either Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Who Developed Hidden Lands?

Hidden Lands was created by Avix Games.