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Funny Zoo Emergency

In Funny Zoo Emergency you have three baby animals to care for at the zoo: a lion, a zebra, and an elephant. Help each animal feel better. Once you’ve washed them, you can also dress them up and choose cute accessories for the animals to wear.

How to play Funny Zoo Emergency?

In this animal game, you’re working at the zoo as a vet. The baby tiger has a toothache, the baby zebra has dirty hooves, and the baby elephant has a runny nose… or, ehm, trunk. Can you help each animal get better?

Use the right tools to clean the tiger's teeth, pick the dirt out of the zebra’s hooves, and rinse out the elephant’s snotty nostrils. Each animal could also use a good wash. Scrub them with soap and shampoo, rinse off the soap suds with the hose, and towel the animals off.

Once the animals are clean, you can also dress them up or choose some funny accessories for them to wear. Have fun playing!

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to press the buttons and pick up the tools
  • Swipe the cursor back and forth over the animals to wash them and towel them off

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Who developed Funny Zoo Emergency?

Funny Zoo Emergency was developed by iclickgames.