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Farm Fun

Discover a collection of sliding puzzles with animals that react to the moves you make. Sort out the crowd of animals and lead them out of the pen by sliding them in the correct direction. The additional match-2 gameplay element makes for an interesting and dynamic combination of genres!

How to play Farm Fun

Tap or click and slide the animals in the direction you want them to walk. Animals can only move forward and backward while inside of the muddy pen.

Most animals will appear in pairs of two - make sure they can leave the pen together! You can see the animals waiting at the exit in the bar at the bottom of the screen. The order in which the barnyard animals leave the pen isn’t the most important thing. Just make sure the queue doesn’t exceed the amount of space in the holding bar. Especially in the bigger puzzles this can be a challenge, so plan ahead!

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Who developed Farm Fun?

This farm puzzle game was created by Albayoo.

When was Farm Fun released?

This combination of puzzle and matching game came out in January of 2023.