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Fabby Golf!

Can you get a hole in one in Fabby Golf? Show off your putting skills in this fun and challenging 3D golf game!

Carefully plan every stroke in this 3D sports game. You'll only get one shot at knocking your ball into the hole in each level. There's also ramps, steep barriers, and the occasional endless abyss you'll have to worry about. You definitely won’t want your ball to roll into that latter one!

How to Play Fabby Golf?

Fabby Golf is a tricky online skill game. You'll only get a single stroke in every level, so be careful. Determine the angle and strength of each one before you hit the ball. Can you get it into each and every hole?

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to determine the strength and angle of each stroke.

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Who Developed Fabby Golf?

Fabby Golf was created by Seryas Games.