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Chess Multiplayer

Chess Multiplayer is a strategic board game in which you can challenge other online players to a chess match. Enter the lobby and join one of the available games, or start a new one.

How to play Chess Multiplayer?

When you tap the play button, you will be taken to the lobby. Here, you can see a list of chess games currently in progress. Select any game that is still waiting for a player to get started, or tap on the “Create New Game” button to start your own.

This chess game uses the standard rules of chess, and the player with the white pieces always starts. Cleverly move your pieces across the board. Force your opponent to sacrifice valuable pieces, and trick them into exposing their king to attacks. You win the game by checkmating your opponent, leaving them with no available options to protect their king piece.

While there is a timer for each turn, there is no maximum. The timer merely records the cumulative amount of time you have spent on your turns.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse and left click to select a piece
  • Tap the square you want to move this piece to
  • To unselect a piece, left click on it again

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Who created Chess Multiplayer?

Chess Multiplayer was created by Tweensoft.