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Carrom Hero

Carrom is an Indian board game in which you need to pocket all game pieces of your color. The game gained popularity in the early 20th century, and has remained frequently played since. Carrom Hero takes the game to the digital dimension and lets you play against others for a shot at victory!

How to play Carrom Hero

In Carrom, every player has nine pieces, or ‘Carrom Men’, on the board. The red centerpiece is the Queen. The goal of the game is to strike all of your Men into the pockets at the corners of the Carrom board, and then finish by pocketing the Queen.

To do this, you must use a special piece called the Striker. During your turn, you place the striker along the inner line on your side of the board. You can then flick the piece by pulling and releasing it using the mouse or touchscreen. Try to aim well and pocket as many pieces as you can!

Which game modes does Carrom Hero have?

In this digital recreation of the famous Carrom tabletop game, you can either play Professional or Freestyle. In the Professional mode, you play by the traditional game rules; every player’s goal is to pocket their own color, ending the game by pocketing the Queen. In Freestyle mode, players are allowed to pocket any color. For this mode, it doesn’t matter when the Queen is pocketed either. Your goal is simply to score as many points as you can.

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Who created Carrom Hero?

This online multiplayer carrom game was developed by Advergame Technologies Private Limited.

When did Carrom Hero come out?

Carrom Hero was released in July 2023.