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Bubble Up Master

Bubble Up Master is a fast-paced bubble game in which the bubbles come sliding down without pauze. Create combinations of three or more of the same ones to pop them.

How to play Bubble Up Master?

In this bubble shooter game, your objective is to shoot away the bubbles before they reach the line. Use the bubble cannon to launch the bubble displayed in the wheel at the bottom to the screen, and combine three or more of the same color to clear them.

New colors are added as you progress through the game, making it harder to stay in control. If the bubbles reach the line, however, you can choose to exchange some coins to keep playing. Several rows of bubbles will be removed, and you can continue where you left off.

Tips to get further in Bubble Up Master

Below the cannon, you’ll see a row of bonus items such as color bombs and rockets. Don’t forget to use them when the game becomes more challenging.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Tap and hold to aim
  • Release to shoot the bubble

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Who created Bubble Up Master?

Bubble Up Master was created by 2Play.

When was Bubble Up Master first released?

This game was first released on June 8, 2023.