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Endless Bubbles

Endless Bubbles is a straightforward bubble game with one continuous level that does as the title promises. How long can you keep popping the colorful bubbles?

How to play Endless Bubbles?

Use the cannon to create clusters of three or more of the same bubbles. Combinations of three or more matching orbs will pop and vanish.

Missed shots will add new rows to the cluster, pushing the rest of the bubbles down. Every time you miss a shot, one point will be subtracted from the energy meter (marked with a lightning bolt). If the bubbles reach the bottom of the field, you lose the game.

Endless Bubbles is unusual in that it shows you the next four bubbles in the cannon, instead of the customary two. This allows you to plan ahead a bit more carefully. However, unlike some bubble games, you cannot swap any of these bubbles around.

Game Controls

  • Click to shoot, or,
  • Click, hold and move the mouse to aim
  • Release to shoot

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Who created Endless Bubbles?

Endless Bubbles was created by Agame.

When was Endless Bubbles first released?

This game was released on August 31, 2023.