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Billion Marble

Step onto the game board and show yourself to be a savvy investor in Billion Marble, a free real estate board game. Buy, sell, and manage locations around the world! Roll the dice, purchase plots, and upgrade your villages to cities in no time.

How to play Billion Marble?

The goal of this game is to make the other players go bankrupt. Meanwhile, you want to end the game with as much money in the bank as possible. Each player starts the game with 20 million in gold. You then take turns rolling the dice, moving, and taking actions. You can dip into your savings to buy plots of land when you land on the designated square on the board.

Special squares in Billion Marble

You might land on a special square during your turn. Here’s a quick rundown of what each one does:

  • Start: When passing start, you’ll receive your paycheck and/or taxes.
  • Angel of Donations: You might receive a bonus here!
  • Desert Island: Skip three turns, or pay the escape fee.
  • Airfield: Use this to transport to a different square.
  • Surprise Box: Take a Surprise Card and see what happens.
  • Tourist Spot: A special location to possess; the value increases the more you visit.
  • Invention (orange squares): Buy patents to new inventions. The more you own, the more value they have.

Is Billion Marble a singleplayer or multiplayer game?

You can play this game with up to 4 players locally by each choosing a character in the Individual game mode and taking turns throwing the dice.
You can play the team-based version locally as well, with each player controlling 2 characters.

Both versions can be played against (multiple) AI-opponents, so you can also play this money-management board game alone.

At the moment, Billion Marble does not support online multiplayer.

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Who created Billion Marble?

This free digital board game was developed by BUSIDOL.

When was Billion Marble released?

Billion Marble was released in August 2023.