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2048 X2 Merge Blocks

How long can you keep playing 2048 X2 Merge Blocks? Try to stay in this challenging 2048 game until you get an epic high-score!

Find places to put the numbered blocks as they steadily fall from the top of the screen to the bottom. If identical blocks are near one another, they’ll merge together and clear space for additional ones. You’ll have to stay focused, though! The pace of this intense puzzle game will keep speeding up!

How to Play 2048 X2 Merge Blocks?

Create space for additional blocks on the board as you play this fast-paced 2048 game. You’ll need to place them in open spots as they merge with one another and form a new number. For example, two boxes with 16 on them will merge together into a single box with 32 on it.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to move a box to a spot on the board.

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Who Developed 2048 X2 Merge Blocks?

2048 X2 Merge Blocks was created by Inlogic Software.