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2048 Legend

Prove you've got what it takes to become a legend. It's time to show off your puzzle skills in 2048 Legend

See if you can conquer the various types of grids. You can play on a 4 x 4 one but, if you're looking for a real challenge, try the 8 x 8 grid. As always in 2048 games, the goal is to keep playing until you make everything add up to that infamous number. Will you be able to earn a high-score that's truly impressive?

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Game Controls 


  • USE THE MOUSE to swipe the tiles in a specific direction. 
  • LEFT CLICK the arrow buttons to take back a move or completely start over.


  • UP ARROW to make the tiles slide up.
  • DOWN ARROW to make the tiles slide down.
  • RIGHT ARROW to make the tiles slide right. 
  • LEFT ARROW to make the tiles slide left. 

About the Game Developer

2048 Legend was created by Inlogic Games. Based in Slovakia, they make fantastic HTML5 and mobile games.