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1010 Treasure Rush

1010 Treasure Rush is a Tetris-like colored blocks game in which you can pick up the blocks and place them on the board. Fill the rows and columns completely to clear them, and make sure you don’t run out of space.

How to play 1010 Treasure Rush?

In each level, the goal is to clear away the golden blocks marked with crowns. You can do this by placing more blocks on the board and filling the rows and columns so that no gaps remain. Once completed, all the blocks in that line will vanish, just like in the classic video game Tetris.

Each turn, you can choose between three random blocks. These blocks will appear in the slots to the right side of the board. For each block you use, a new one will pop up to replace it. The blocks come in different shapes and sizes, and you can’t predict what you’ll get next.

If you run out of space and can no longer fit any of your three options onto the board, you’ll have to retry the level from the start.

Game Controls

Click and drag - or tap and hold on touchscreen - to pick up a block and move it to the board.
Release to drop the block

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Who created 1010 Treasure Rush?

1010 Treasure Rush was created by Lof Games.

When was 1010 Treasure Rush first released?

This game was released on June 29, 2023.