• Hair Do Design
    Hair Do Design
    Played 332813 times

    It’s really busy at the spa today and this girl is searching for a whole new look. Help her with a quick makeover before you choose a new hairstyle for her and some awesome makeup too.

  • French Victorian Dress-Up Game
    French Victorian Dress-Up Game
    Played 1186 times

    Get ready to design some new looks that are a blast from the past.

  • Prince Romper Squad
    Prince Romper Squad
    Played 8888 times

    Rompers are the latest fashion statement to rock the clothing world. Now these princes are ready to jump into the trend themselves. Can you help them pick out some stylish rompers and stylize their hair in this fantastic dress up game?

  • Heart Cats Dress Up
    Heart Cats Dress Up
    Played 6381 times

    These snuggle bugs are too cute! Only some ridiculously fun clothes could make them even cuter...

  • Christmas Friends Dress Up
    Christmas Friends Dress Up
    Played 5964 times

    Help these four friends look totally fabulous for their holiday party.

  • Sword Art Online Dress Up
    Sword Art Online Dress Up
    Played 11723 times

    Help this duo get ready for their next battle in the dangerous corridors of the SAO.

  • Princess Bride of the Year 2016
    Princess Bride of the Year 2016
    Played 16150 times

    Which one of these young royals will win the Princess Bride of the Year award for 2016? You can help determine the winner in this fun and fabulous dress up game. Tag along with them while they choose a gown, find the right shoes and much more!

  • Fruits Basket
    Fruits Basket
    Played 7223 times

    Do you have a sec? Tohru and her friends need your advice on what to wear.

  • Cute Couple Dress Up
    Cute Couple Dress Up
    Played 1819 times

    Each is more nervous than the next to create the perfect look for the perfect date!

  • Halloween Couple Dress Up
    Halloween Couple Dress Up
    Played 2681 times

    Should this Halloween couple have matching costumes? It’s your choice—work your magic!

  • Sailor Moon Love
    Sailor Moon Love
    Played 3123 times

    Even superheroes like to dress up: can you help Usagi find the best outfit for universal love?

  • Lovely Circus Ride
    Lovely Circus Ride
    Played 1294 times

    This cute couple wants their picture taken on the carousel. But what outfits should they put on?

  • Ballroom Couple Perfect Dress Up
    Ballroom Couple Perfect Dress Up
    Played 1581 times

    If there's another couple on the dance floor, no one will notice...

  • Valentine Couple Dress Up
    Valentine Couple Dress Up
    Played 653 times

    Cupid’s arrow has hit the mark—too bad he’s not a fashion designer!