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Geometry Dash Online

You’ll need fast reflexes and a sharp eye to get through all the levels in Geometry Dash Online. It's a fast-paced skill game. You’ll be taking control of a cube that's determined to get through a series of very dangerous places.

Each one is filled with wide gaps and high platforms. Oh, and there's plenty of super sharp spikes sitting around as well. If it collides with those, the cube will explode. To make things even more challenging, he can't stop moving! Do your best to keep him safe while you try to beat every level in this exciting adventure game

How to Play Geometry Dash Online?

In Geometry Dash you’ve got to keep a small cube out of trouble. He can’t stop moving. If you don’t take control of him, he’ll crash into the spikes and explode. Do everything you can to keep him in one piece while you play this intense jumping game

Game Controls 


  • LEFT CLICK to make the cube jump. 


  • PRESSING THE SPACEBAR OR W will also make the cube jump. 

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Who Developed Geometry Dash? 

Geometry Dash was created by the game developer Robert Topala for RobTop Games. 

Need help? watch our Walkthrough for this game.