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No games found. is an arcade game full of slithery snakes. Wriggle through the arena with your worm and collect the glowing pips to grow bigger. Try to eat the other worms to get big faster.

How to play

This game is reminiscent of Your aim is to grow your snake as quickly as possible and climb the in-game leaderboard. Collecting the glowing pips will give you the energy to grow, but killing other snakes allows you to grow faster.

If you bump your head into another snake’s body, your worm will die. Try to speed up and curl around the other snakes to ambush them. When a snake is killed, it will turn into a chain of super large glowing pips. Eat them before they disappear!

You can gain EXP to level up your snake so that it’s already larger at the start of each round. Between levels, you can also change skins. In the main screen, tap the MENU button to access the Skins menu.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Move the mouse to direct your snake
  • Tap and hold to sprint (this will cost energy)

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Who created was created by RHM Interactive.

When was first released?

This game was first released on January 24, 2024.