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Trial Bike Epic Stunts

In Trial Bike Epic Stunts, you experience a dazzling 3D world filled with treacherous mountain trails and daring jumps. Will you take the leap and brave the mountains with your trusty motorbike?

How to play Trial Bike Epic Stunts

This bike game isn’t for the faint of heart! Show off your balance and trick skills or enter the mountain pass ahead to put your dexterity to the test. In the Skill Mode, you’ll encounter tests such as wheelies, balancing, and trick execution. The Missions Mode will instead place you at the start of a mountain pass with ravines, traps, and jumps. From the main menu of Trial Bike Epic Stunts, you can choose either game mode to start the specific trials.

Earn money with successful runs and level up your bike, wheels, and outfit via the garage tab in the main menu.

Game controls

Use the arrow or WASD keys to move the character and carefully keep the bike balanced.

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Who created Trial Bike Epic Stunts?

This 3D stunt game was developed by RHM Interactive.

When was Trial Bike Epic Stunts released?

Trial Bike came out in January of 2023.