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Head back to the forest in Timberman! This classic online game has been updated with new characters, new environments, and much more! 

This lumberjack has another long day ahead of him. He'd really appreciate it if you could roll up your sleeves and lend him a hand in this beloved arcade game. Over 20 million players have helped him out since Timberman first went online and started swinging his axe back in 2014. Are you ready to become his latest assistant?

No one ever said that being a lumberjack was easy! You’ll need to swiftly cut down each tree and avoid the limbs. If one slams into the heads of Timberman or one of his friends, you’ll have to start all over again. You won't have much time to swing your axe either. You'll need to choose which side of the tree to chop before you run out of time. You may only have a fraction of a second to make each decision!

But you'll end up with big stacks of timber after you start chopping. You can trade those in for coins or use them to purchase other characters like Bob the fireman. There's also other regions for you to explore as you unlock them. What's waiting for you beyond the borders of Halloween Town? It's time to find out. You might find yourself dealing with trees everywhere from the Middle East to the snow-covered peak of a mountain!

How to Play Timberman? 

Timberman is a retro action game with some cool management features you’d typically find in a simulation game. Team up with Timberman and his friends as they gather tons of timber and swap it for coins. There's several regions you can explore as you unlock additional characters.

Game Controls


  • LEFT CLICK to chop, switch sides, unlock characters, explore new areas, and more. 


  • PRESS THE LEFT OR RIGHT ARROWS to chop or switch sides. 

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Who Developed Timberman?

Timberman was created by Digital Melody.