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Super Droid Adventure

Step into a technicolor 2D pixelated world, and help this little Super Droid out! His castle was destroyed by an immensely powerful boss. Now, this robot must traverse dangerous territories to take revenge. Enjoy Super Droid Adventure for free here!

How to play Super Droid Adventure

In Super Droid Adventure, you play as a little droid in a big world; throughout fifteen levels, you discover as many different biomes filled with enemies, items and more. Enjoy pixel perfect desert plains, tropical islands, lush grasslands and more! Run, jump, defeat enemies and make it to the end of the level to progress. 

This arcade game is reminiscent of well-known platform games such as the Mario franchise and Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Game controls

Use the arrow keys to move and jump. In the menus, you can use the enter-key or mouse to select.

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Who created this game?

Super Droid Adventure was created by magnificstudios.

When was Super Droid Adventure first released?

This game was released in January 2023.